Shoukat & Sons Traders



We take responsibility for the manufacturing of products at our factory to meet the customer's unique requirements.

Production Surveil

Our in-house merchandising staff closely examines the production with smart strategies to ensure supreme quality and timely deliveries.

Wholesaler Service

Our reliable wholesalers sell top-notch products to other companies at the best prices.


We have a team of quality assurance professionals who regularly runs multiple tests on all the products using advanced technology.


Our export department is in charge of space bookings, order dispatching, and observing shipments until they reach their last destination.

Shipping Coordination

Our dedicated team examines all shipping documents as per the customer's instructions and ensures a secure transfer of goods.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's very easy. Simply fill the form provided on our website or email us at info@shoukatsonspk.com. You can also call us at +923456738880 / +923116181900.
We make quality products at affordable prices accessible to you. Moreover, we never fail to provide unmatchable services and timely deliveries.
All customers are valuable to us. We are always aiming to make you satisfied; therefore, we offer amazing discounts from time to time to our loyal customers. 
Our mission is to offer you supreme quality products. In case you come across an issue, get in touch with us right away, and we'll sort it out for you. 

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